Derma Seta Body Spa Kit

-40% Derma Seta Body Spa Kit

Make your skin glitter with glow by using our Derma Seta

Do the long waxing sessions in the beauty salon give you pain and rashes? Then simply get rid of this old fashioned process of smoothening your skin and switch to Derma Seta from our website. This is splendid kit of several skin modules that are used for different purposes to make your skin brimming with nourishment and glow. It is a mini spa kit that can save your spa costs completely producing the same results or even better ones.

A quick glance at the constituent equipments of this mini spa kit

This fabulous kit has several sub units that are required to serve specific skin treatments. Starting from hair removal to pedicure, you will find every solution in the kit. If you visit our to buy Derma Seta online, then you can get detailed information on every sub unit with their images. The following are the brief descriptions about what it is comprised of.

Micro and macro massage kit: These equipments are used to remove the long hairs of the arms and legs. It works like massaging the skin while removing the hair without causing any pain. The skin is left smooth and shining after it’s over.

Derma Crystal Hair Remover Pad: This is like the soft padding sponges uses in good spas to remove the residual hair after the hair removal. It is very soothing for the skin.

Brush for deep cleansing: This is a soft brush with intelligently arranged bristles to rub out dirt from the deep pores. It cleanses the skin in detail to make it perfectly healthy.

Foot care attachments: A callus removal brush and pumice stone is provided for effective pedicure process. They are really awesome for getting you beautiful and clean feet. Such pedicure treatments are highly costly in the spas but you can take every pleasure of while sitting at home.

Body buffer attachment: This is the equipment for providing buffering treatment to the body. It gives a highly soothing feeling to the skin and increases the blood circulation to make the skin glow with enhanced nourishment and care.

If you are thinking that purchasing such a kit may leave a big hole in your pocket then you are wrong. This is because the Derma Seta price in India is structured according to the economic structure of the country. So the prices are pretty affordable and you can enjoy the services in the long term by investing once.

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